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[[ Fyi I'm only 4 Chapters into this Story..and I'm not Regular on updating..But I'm going to try so Please Enjoy]]

Shinso was dragged to a party to celebrate the end of their summer vacation. Hitoshi wasn't the partying type he did it to please his two best friends, Deku and Todoroki. He was sitting on the couch and 4 other people entered the room. His eyes drifted to one of the blondes, as a violet haired girl slides in front of his view.

"Hi Shinso," says the girl. Looking up he notices its Jiro from class 1-A giving her a slight smile he replies "Hey Jiro".  Jiro slides down on the couch next to Hitoshi trying to keep his attention. "What are you doing at this thing?" she asked.

"Deku and Todoroki brought me, I didn't want to come but they insisted," Hitoshi said bluntly. "Besides free drinks, can't turn that down" raising his glass to her. Jiro runs her fingers through her hair "Want some company?"

Hitoshi amethyst orbs scan the place for the blonde from earlier, only stopping when he feels the girl's hand come in contact with his thigh. "No, to be honest, I'm thinking about leaving." He moves her hand away from him politely. "I don't even want to be here. I'm just going to tell Izuku and Shoto I'm heading out." Shinso stands up and nods to Jiro and walks away.

While looking for his friends, A redhead stops in his path placing her hand on his chest. The girl is a little inebriated slurring her words as she speaks. "Hey Shinso, You're looking amazing. That new training has been doing you good." She runs her hand down to the top of his jeans. "Kendo, You're drunk. please go sit down" Helping Kendo to the chair by the kitchen. "I'm sorry, I got to go"

Shinso catches those bright red eyes approaching him as he turns around. He starts to head for the front door when he is slammed up against the wall in the foyer. "Where are you going Brainwash?"  The voice was brash as he looks up at the blonde. "Thinking about leaving, Why do you care Bakugo?" Hitoshi voice hitches as he looks into his eyes. Katsuki leans close to his ear, Shinso's violet locks tickle his nose. "Because I think we should talk somewhere more private"  saying with a breathiness Hitoshi just couldn't place.

Hitoshi smirks as he takes Bakugo's hand and leads him outside around the house out of sight. Feeling his chest tighten, he looks into those deep red eyes and pushes the blonde against the house and brushing his lips against his. "What is it you want to talk about Katsuki?' Bakugo runs his hands down Shinso's abs and feels a shiver run down his spine. "I saw you staring when we first arrived, Just wanted to know what was so interesting."

Pressing his lips against the other boy's lips, Shinso felt a heat swell in him. " Well maybe, I was just surprised to see you here is all. You don't seem like the type to come to this sorta thing." Pulling away from Bakugo. "Yeah..Well maybe, I was hoping someone would be here I wanted to see." The blonde said as he tried to recompose himself after the sudden kiss.

"Would the others notice you are missing, if we leave right now?" Hitoshi asked as he ran his hand down Katsuki's muscular arm.
" Tsk Hell No, Shitty Hair and Dunce Face are probably already too drunk to notice. What about the nerds? Won't they notice your missing?" Shinso shrugged his shoulders and headed down the sidewalk.

"You coming or not angry boy?" Hitoshi said with a smirk spreading across his face. "The night is young and there is so much more we could be doing besides sitting at this lame party." Bakugo rolled his eyes and followed behind the purple-haired boy. Realizing he was getting himself in deep as he watched the boy walk in front of him. His body was even more toned than the last time he saw him before summer break.  

Coming up to a house a few blocks away, Hitoshi reaches into his pocket and pulls out a key to unlock the door "Don't worry my parents are gone for the week with work. I won't see them until school starts." He assures Bakugo as they walk inside. Once inside Kacchan pushes Hitoshi onto the couch.  "You going to finish what you started?" he growls, grinding himself on Shinso's leg.  

Kissing Him softly, Hitoshi pushes back on Bakugo. "Where is this coming from?" Bakugo blushes. "Well I've always found you attractive, and The guys always talking about their dating experiences so I figured I'd give it a shot when I saw you at the party tonight." Reaching out to touch Katsuki's face "Let's try watching a movie first and see where we go from there. I find you attractive as well Katsuki"

A smile spreads across Bakugo's face as he feels his phone start to ring. Answering it with a loud voice "Ya What you want Shitty Hair? Oh, I left it was boring anyway. Ya, I'll see you later too..Shut up Kirishima!" Screaming he hangs up the phone. Looking up at Shinso, a blush spreads across his face. "Well let's get this fucking movie started"


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