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Hello! I am Spothamster, call me Hamster clin d\'oeil I have been watching anime since I was 9, starting with Inuyasha on adult swim. I dragged my whole family into watching anime, which is great since we can swap recommendations! I love BNHA and my favorite characters are Mina and Tamaki. I love games of any kind, and I'm usually up for trying new things! 👍 I have no RP experience aside from Pathfinder and D&D.

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Mon 6 Jul - 18:15サラ・ウィルソン
Hello! My name is サラ・ウィルソン. I've been watching anime since I was about nine. My two favorite animes would have to be attack on Titan and my hero Academia. my two favorite characters are at this point would have to be shouta aizawa, and Hitoshi Shinso. I've been watching the season for about a week now I'm almost to season 4 waiting the arrival of season 5. I've been trying to find a group or people that I can talk to about this because I've become very emotionally invested and my hero Academia and I hope that I can find some people to share insights and speak with.

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Mon 6 Jul - 19:07Thelma
Welcome to both of you! I hope you guys enjoy your stay and ill see you arround! happy stare

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