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Beta session: to do list 
By Thelma
Commments: 0 | Views: 769
Welcome to the opening of the MHAF's beta. Here you will find a list of whats left to do before the official release to the public! Thanks to everyone who will contribute to this beta session.
new here 
By FusionHeroFuzor
Commments: 1 | Views: 569
I just joined this community. the FB group said if you joined this community, you wouldnt have to wait for your posts in the FB group to be approved and i currently have 5 pending there
New member 
By Handz86
Commments: 1 | Views: 554
Hey was up. My name is Da'Quan but you can all call me D. I'm new here just looking to talk about one of my favorite shows and keep up to date on any news. I'm a big Deku fan. I just made the jump to anime about a year ago so bear with me. Anywho I can be long winded sometimes so I'll end it here. Thanks for allowing me to join the forum. PLUS ULTRA!!!!!!
By LordExplosionMurder
Commments: 0 | Views: 560
Hi, I'm Jasper, I am Lord Explosion Murder on Discord. I'm 18 years old and I love watching anime, listening to music, watching Youtube, cosplay, I also like writing songs, playing guitar and I aspire to be a musician. My favourite anime is My Hero Academia or Seven Deadly Sins, however if anyone has any suggestions for anime to watch please let me know! My favourite MHA character is Shota Aizawa, Tomura Shigaraki or Tamaki Amajiki. IDK what else to write, so thanks for reading!!
By pakkunsun
Commments: 2 | Views: 598
Hey there, everybody!

My name is pakkunsun, but I usually go by Pakk. She/her. I’ve been watching anime for a few years, starting with Attack on Titan. Since then I’ve watched MHA, Fullmetal Alchemist (original and Brotherhood), Naruto, Rising of the Shield Hero, Promised Neverland, One Punch Man, Fire Force, Cowboy Bebop, and Demonslayer. I’m always looking for new suggestions to add to my ever growing list!

Other stuff I’m interested in: Harry Potter, Supernatural, LotR. I like to read a lot and I am currently reading MHA.

Looking forward...
Introducing myself  
By Eijiro Kirishima
Commments: 2 | Views: 639
Hey there! I'm a huge MHA fan so I.came to see where the fun is. clin d\'oeil
FB is where I found my love for fan fiction! I look forward to writing fan fiction on this website.
Gender: female
Favorite MHA character: Kirishima
Muses for RP: Kirishima, Tsuyu, Jirou
I'm open for role play, and fan fiction ideas! I find co structive criticism very important, so I WILL take your advice.
Please, talk to meeee! I love having conversations and talking with people. If you ever feel alone, I'm here....
Season 5 
By Deku_827
Commments: 1 | Views: 366
What’s the release date for my hero academia season 5
Introducing me! 
By Phinale
Commments: 2 | Views: 618
Hi Everyone, i'm Phinale or just Phin.

I've been watching anime for going on 20+ years and i'm obsessed!! I started with Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing and its spiralled from there, My Hero Academia is the newest addition to my obsessions, but i'll never forget the classics that got me here!

I have a range of interests: Yoga, LotR, Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter etc

Looking forward to meeting everyone, and wish you all a great time here!
An Intro ig 
By birby
Commments: 2 | Views: 672
Hello! My url is birby, both here and on discord, although I recently had to disable that account, so you may find me lurking on my new account dubbed aRespectablePairOfShorts. I love this fanbase and the people in it, who I've grown unnaturally attached to. I hope you'll all forgive me for my inherent need to tell people I love them, as I say it a lot and it will inevitably annoy you, I'm sure. Let's all have some wholesome fun together! bord
I am here!  
By AllMight
Commments: 2 | Views: 475
-- Coming through the forum like a hero!

Introduce yourself Source10

Some of you might recognize me as All Might on the role play section of the server! I'm not really good at introductions, but, some things about me:

- I love writing
- I have been roleplaying for many years and love it
- I love all things sweet!
- All Might is my favorite MHA character, if you couldn't tell
By todorokisan
Commments: 1 | Views: 365
Hi i am lian i am a teenager and i love anime, i read manga, i love japanese cultures, inshort i am a weeb and i am a bit spoiler so i hope we can all be friends
By Venem
Commments: 2 | Views: 619
Hey guys, some of you might know me as venem#2522 or kiribaku and Frexy for life on the discord server (feel free to add me on discord), I am a 16 year old brit! And I've loved MHA since I watched the first episode and ever since I've been a huge fan! I'm writing a fanfiction based on kiribaku right now and I'm quite proud of it!
By Pony
Commments: 1 | Views: 346
Hi there! You might already know me from the Discord server as BrionneBird#2195 (feel free to add me!) and, alternatively, PonyBird or (formerly) Pony Tsunotori. I basically go by Pony to everyone there so that's who I am here as well! I am a 24-year-old female living in the United States. I am engaged to the best person I've ever had the privilege to know, and he's the one who re-introduced me to My Hero Academia, promising my short attention span that the plot really does pick up after the first season!

From there, the rest is history. My Hero became my new hyperfixation and...
Introducing myself~! 
By Shigaraki
Commments: 1 | Views: 355

I'm Maisie - it can be shortened to Mai or you can call me Chikin. dancee

I'm 25, British and queer! I'm just gunna throw down some fax:

  • I'm a passionately opinionated lefty, LGBT rights enthusiast primarily.
  • I'm a Gemini sun & Taurus moon.
  • I'm currently obsessed with animal crossing.
  • I'm a fervent body positivity supporter!
  • I'm a bit of a witch.
  • I'm suuuuuper "big sisterly"...
Commments: 2 | Views: 567
Hi guys my names Patrick I'm a fan of all things anime but BNHA is by far my favorite my first ever manga I read before the anime came out so I'm a day 1 fan lol
By Shu201_Ultima*
Commments: 1 | Views: 357
Hi... Call me Shu, i love anime... And i'm trying to catch up... Hope we can be friends
By Skullwarrior
Commments: 1 | Views: 328
Hi im skullwarrior ,I really love my hero academia ! And im just trying to have fun here
By plusultratired
Commments: 3 | Views: 639
Hey-o I'm Vic I am part of the bnha fan group on Facebook, and saw the link so I decided to sign up. I'm usually a lurker, but I plan on trying to lurk less lol My kins are Hawks, and Shinso hence my username being plusultratired. I feel like Shinso deserves 1-A status. I haven't read the manga although I need to, but am currently caught up on the anime. Um yeah can't wait to see this forum grow. 😁
By OhmaVillainDeku
Commments: 3 | Views: 691
Hello it is i, the young boy Ohma, i love rom-com/highschool romance animes , and when im bored i'll say random things to start convos
By Guest
Commments: 1 | Views: 358
Eyy! It's Shin! I'm 30 I've been watching anime for the better part of 20 yrs. I'm always down for a good anime convo, Also big into Video games and Fanfic. Anything Nerd Culture related. I do write some, I plan to pick that up more now once I get some free time.

As most of you already know Shinso is my one and only! Always and Forever. I'm Friendly.. I promise i won't bite....ʰᵃʳᵈ ᵃᵗˡᵉᵃˢᵗ.
Introducing Myself 
By Katsuki_Bakugo_Wifey
Commments: 1 | Views: 326
I’m 25, from the US. I’ve recently got into anime and a friend introduced my to MHA, needless to say I fell in love with the show! Obviously by my username, I am obsessed with Katsuki Bakugo. Second is Izuku close by hahahahaha! But I’m excited to see what this community will grow into! Go beyond! PLUS ULTRA!!!
New Site, Same Me 
By Chargebolt
Commments: 1 | Views: 370
Hey! I'll be up on this for stories, rpin, and whatever else. So, if you ever want to rp or chat, I gotchu!
Introduce yourself Tumblr_p9tqxfJleh1x3mfdmo3_400
ope- Monoma has risen!  
By girlwhoneedsalife
Commments: 1 | Views: 353
hey ya'll!!! its thou 'friendly' Monoma over here! Glad to be here! i am definitely doing the Role playing i have heard about, and the writing bit... Owo. if anyone wanna talk im always open for conversations! bord hype HUAY
Friendly neighborhood TWAN! 
By (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Gilgamesh/Twano
Commments: 1 | Views: 296
so uh.. its me.. ya boy. idk what im doing as ive never used a forum before, so ill just kinda be here. im excited to roleplay and stuff? heu.. heu.. heu..
By spothamster
Commments: 2 | Views: 607
Hello! I am Spothamster, call me Hamster clin d\'oeil I have been watching anime since I was 9, starting with Inuyasha on adult swim. I dragged my whole family into watching anime, which is great since we can swap recommendations! I love BNHA and my favorite characters are Mina and Tamaki. I love games of any kind, and I'm usually up for trying new things! 👍...
Introducing Myself! 
By 5Kiov
Commments: 1 | Views: 341
Heylo! I am known as 5Kiov (some people refer to me as 5k). I am still sorta new to anime, but love it so far, and love BnHA! I love games, (video games, tabletop games, tabletop RPGs etc.) I hope we can all share the love, and if you have any questions for me let me know! I'll see you around :)

Here are some final thoughts ;)

Movies>TV shows
Star Wars>Marvel, Star Trek (you name it)
Aizawa is the Bestest
Everyone needs to try Anime and DnD at some point in their life


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