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Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima
New member
New member
She / Her Introducing myself  Empty Introducing myself  Empty Introducing myself  Empty Introducing myself  Empty
Hey there! I'm a huge MHA fan so I.came to see where the fun is. clin d\'oeil
FB is where I found my love for fan fiction! I look forward to writing fan fiction on this website.
Gender: female
Favorite MHA character: Kirishima
Muses for RP: Kirishima, Tsuyu, Jirou
I'm open for role play, and fan fiction ideas! I find co structive criticism very important, so I WILL take your advice.
Please, talk to meeee! I love having conversations and talking with people. If you ever feel alone, I'm here. Everyone should have a place of solace.
I look forward to being involved!

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Wed 15 Jul - 14:29Thelma
@Eijiro Kirishima Welcome! welcome
Sun 2 Aug - 8:56Queenshoto09
Hi I'm Queenshoto09 as u can probably tell my favorite character is Shoto todoroki. I love all different kinda of anime. My first anime I ever seen would have to be dragon ball z and pokemon. What got me in to anime was reading manga growing up. I started watching MHA with my husband and I was hooked. I now have posters and figures of all my favorites on the show. Deku, shoto & bakugou. I also have key chains and a phone case. I'm 30 years old and I'm married with 4 kids who also love MHA.

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