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Hey guys, some of you might know me as venem#2522 or kiribaku and Frexy for life on the discord server (feel free to add me on discord), I am a 16 year old brit! And I've loved MHA since I watched the first episode and ever since I've been a huge fan! I'm writing a fanfiction based on kiribaku right now and I'm quite proud of it!

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Thu 9 Jul - 21:48Thelma
@venem welcome! happy stare

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Thu 9 Jul - 22:21Retro_Chix_1212
Hello! I just joined and I am about to join the discord. My name is Retro_Chix_1212, and I watched MHA this year. I am planning on cosplaying as Kirishima or Shigaraki for Comicon!

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