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Beta session: to do list 
By Thelma
Commments: 0 | Views: 769
Welcome to the opening of the MHAF's beta. Here you will find a list of whats left to do before the official release to the public! Thanks to everyone who will contribute to this beta session.
Unlikely Couple Chapter 1  
By Guest
Commments: 0 | Views: 550
[[ Fyi I'm only 4 Chapters into this Story..and I'm not Regular on updating..But I'm going to try so Please Enjoy]]

Shinso was dragged to a party to celebrate the end of their summer vacation. Hitoshi wasn't the partying type he did it to please his two best friends, Deku and Todoroki. He was sitting on the couch and 4 other people entered the room. His eyes drifted to one of the blondes, as a violet haired girl slides in front of his view.

"Hi Shinso," says the girl. Looking up he notices its Jiro from class 1-A giving her a slight smile he replies...

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